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Modern software for real estate project financing and development monitoring

Estabild is a B2B software built for real estate development stakeholders:
1) investors and lenders that sponsor their portfolio projects;
2) developers and property owners that are executing development projects.

With Estabild stakeholders get a complete overview of their development projects, can efficiently manage project funding, payment requests, and consolidate all key data in a single source of truth. 

It enables stakeholders have predictable outcomes and efficient delivery of their development projects.

Co-Founder & Head of Product

•  Co-founded Estabild at the end of 2019.
•  Bootstrapped the product from the ground up.
•  As a Head of Product my primarily focus is to lead the product management, design and development.
•  Manage a small distributed design & development team.
•  Wearing multiple "hats" and take part in a variety of activities, like business development, sales, marketing, customer support, etc.
•  Partnered up with over 20 B2B paying customers across 9 countries (Nordics, UK, US, LatAm).
•  With Estabild we helped companies save over 20 hours per week on manual work.
•  The customers saw over 3x increase in project data accessibility to stakeholders (measured impact).

This portfolio project focuses primarily on the product design of Estabild.

What problem does Estabild solve?

The process of payouts for construction development is highly inefficient, and here is a simple example:
When a new project starts, the developer would establish a business plan and loan agreement with the lender. To ensure that project budget is used appropriately and the development goes according to plan, the developer will be receiving loan funds in small portions. Every month, the developer needs to send a request to the lender. This is a manual, repetitive work. And on another side, project documentation often comes disorganized and with errors. It leads to back and forth communications, delays with payouts, and ultimately to inefficient capital use and poor project delivery.
The current timing requires a modern solution. With the economic downturn project sponsors have to be cost conscious and careful with their capital deployment, demanding stronger governance to oversee the project execution, performance and project delivery.
That's why Estabild was built. A platform that gives a complete and accurate financial overview of real estate development, streamlining project reporting and automating payment requests.By integrating isolated and unstructured project data into a single source of truth and automating business workflows using AI Estabild helps companies have predictable outcomes on project delivery and be efficientwith their portfolio's capital use.

Design Process

The product is designed and built in quick iteration cycles by prioritising a customer first. 
We use a combination of Design Thinking and Lean methodologies to ensure that the product solves user needs and business viable.

As a part of the design process we define user personas, conduct interviews with potential buyers & users (they're different personas) and active customers, define user journeys, build interactive prototypes for ideation and validation purposes, and put attention on making our product visually appealing and user friendly.

Starting from a Minimum Viable Product
built in collaboration with pilot companies

Estabild was started as a very simple, mobile-first minimum viable product MVP to validate the business idea of collecting key project data in a single platform.

The first version was tested with the B2B pilot customers and after seeing the potential of it we kept building and improving the solution.
Over the last 3 years we've gone through a number of business iterations and product pivots. Now Estabild helps project stakeholders to:

•  Get a complete overview of development projects.
•  Keep track of financials, schedule, scope of work, and development risks in real-time, to replace static and outdated documents and reports.
•  Handle payment requests for completed work.
•  Have all project documentation securely stored in the cloud.
•  Consolidate and streamline information from different sources in one place.
•  Collaborate with key project stakeholders.
•  Get a centralised overview of portfolio projects to analyse data and generate reports.
Conducting interviews and meetings with prospect customers

One important aspect of building the product was to deeply understand the needs of companies within our target audience and what problems they face.
We had interviews with up to 100 companies.
I led or took part in various interviews.

Defining Customer Success

As a product owner and designer I did customer journey mapping and defined the success metrics.

They describe what value the customer receives from the product and how the positive outcome looks like when using Estabild.

Building a Design System

To efficiently maintain the product and speed up the development of new product features we designed the internal design system.

Helping stakeholders efficiently manage
real estate development with 3 solutions

Estabild Planning

With the Planning solution project developers and technical advisors can easily build and monitor their project plan.

Estabild Execution

Estabild Execution allows developers and contractors to manage all aspects of their project, from contracts, change orders to automated reporting with all stakeholders.

Estabild Funding

The solution helps project financiers and technical advisors efficiently manage drawdowns (payment requests) and provides all the tools needed to ensure that financing requests are well organized, reducing the risk of poor project delivery.

Designing interactive prototypes for quick product validation

To test and validate product hypotheses and validate new features I was building interactive prototypes and conducting user testing sessions.

Below is the example of a product prototype that was used for testing.

Product Testimonials

“It's an all-in-one, online management tool that makes project management easy. I can follow up the economy, time, quality, tasks, risks, etc. of all of my projects. I can do all of this online, which makes me very mobile. It lets me set up my workflows and projects as I please. Estabild doesn't just make remote work possible, it makes it as effortless as sitting in the office.”
Sven-Åke Yashar Khezri Kraim
Project Developer at NREP
“Estabild is helping our company to organize and streamline critical project information among key stakeholders. Now, our teammates can easily collaborate and share status updates. Estabild gives upper management a clear overview that enables us to make better decisions about our portfolio performance.”
Jaime Macias
Head of Project Management at Ciport & Tecnac
“Estabild is a smart solution for project developers that is helping our management team to have a global overview of the costs, plans and main risks related to our construction house projects. This tool has allowed our leadership team to have good visibility of progress and control costs for each project.”
Finnur Gudmundsson
Partner at Tekta
“My greatest concern has been on how to manage and gain control during the project execution phase. Estabild has been a great tool to help us stay on track. It provides a comprehensive overview to ensure alignment among all team members and drive accountability on results.”
Eduardo Perez D.
President & CEO at AH Corp

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