Rapid-launch multiscreen solution
for video content providers

UX/UI Designer
B2B service that helps video content owners and provides rapidly launch new services and features to viewers

3Ready is the product of 3 Screen Solutions that is aimed to help broadcasters, video operators and content providers more rapidly introduce their applications and services to customers.

At the core of 3Ready is a front-end framework with ready-made UI components that meet the requirements of today’s IPTV and Video-On-Demand platforms. The application can be configured by clients from the Control Center. Additional customized features can subsequently be added in a modular way.

3Ready covers a wide range of devices and platforms such as Web, Android Tablet and Phone, iPad & iPhone, game consoles, set-top boxes and TV platforms: Android TV, Android AOSP, Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung / LG TV, Roku.

UX/UI Designer
for end-to-end product experiences

I was a UX/UI designer for 3Ready product features starting from ideation, through research and analysis until software development, launch and support.

I worked closely with product owners, business analysts, development and QA teams, external clients. As a part of product definition team (consists of product owner, business analysts and designers) we defined product specifications and design for all devices and platforms where the feature should be supported. It included the definition and responsive design for Web, Android and iOS phones and tablets, TV platforms.

Below are examples of product features I worked on.

experience across platforms

Unified overview of movies
and TV show details

Responsive design on the web

3Ready Control Center

Control Center is the admin panel from where clients can set up and configure their applications for different platforms and audiences.

Building a Design System

Together with the 3Ready design team I worked on a design system, defining branding rules, component library and design guidelines.

I was in charge of designing and developing a website for 3Ready design system to have a shared understanding among all stakeholders about product brand, style guide, design components and guidelines for development, give an overview for external clients and describe how they can use and configure 3Ready platform for their needs.

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