Set-top box solution that delivers
high-quality TV entertainment

Lead UX/UI Designer
Delivering TV entertainment content for customers in the Nordics
The product was built for Canal Digital, a leading Nordic TV and internet service provider. Now the company is a part of Allente.

The client had a solid customer base with set-top boxes, more than 800.000 subscribers, and they were looking to make a new product that is in sync with modern technologies, has better performance, revised feature scope, enhanced user experience, look and feel.

Our team was in charge of product design and application development collaborating directly with client's product and technical teams, 3rd party partners that built hardware and supplies for a new set-top box.
The software is based on Android TV platform, and follows Google design guidelines and principles.

In brief

I joined the project as a UX/UI Designer on the early stage of product ideation and development.
We had 4 designers working on the project at that time. Down the road I was promoted to a Design Lead and led the process during the development until product release and further support.

I worked in a close collaboration with client's product and technical teams, PMs, designers, developers, business analysts and QA engineers. I was in charge of designing all product features, prepared product specifications, and took part in defining the technical documentation.

Project activities:

•   Leading the design process, managing the design activities.
•   Ideation and product definition based on customer needs, business and technical requirements.
•   Business analysis and requirements gathering.
•   UX research and user testing.
•   Running workshops with stakeholders.
•   Sketching and wireframing to brainstorm ideas.
•   Built fully functional interactive prototypes for discovery and user testing (by coding in Framer).
•   Visual and UI product design.
•   Writing and maintaining product specifications.
•   Design presentations for the client.
•   Building a design system and defining product style guide.
•   Engineering support.
•   Design reviews and quality assurance.

🏆 The product became the winner of the CSI 2019 award
in the category “Best TV User Experience”.

Product Trailer

Live TV Channels

Video Player
for live streaming and video recording

TV Guide
to explore television shows

Interactive Prototypes

On the project we used high-fidelity interactive prototypes to explore, communicate and validate product ideas and hypotheses.

I built advanced prototypes with video streams and real data to better showcase a TV experience. The prototypes were used for user testing.
I created the prototypes in a code-based prototyping tool Framer.

Prototypes also helped us share a common vision among stakeholders and represent live specifications of the product.

Building a Design System

Product Specifications

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